Supercharge your funding journey

Nimity connects you to the tools, expertise and a powerful network of private and institutional investors, helping you to accelerate and secure the financing your startup needs to grow and thrive.
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We help you with your most important task, funding.

We offer a wide range of financing options from fundraising readiness consultancy to finding your lead investors and helping you simplify the deal execution while maintaining a clean cap table.

The platform opens the door to thousands of financing opportunities across Europe, connecting you with an expansive network of venture capitalists, angel clubs, family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and crowdfunding platforms.

Our dedicated team will guide you through every stage of your fundraising process. Funding is more than just numbers; it's about building and maintaining strong relationships.

The platform empowers you to nurture your connections, by allowing angels, clients, suppliers and consultants to invest in your latest round or work with you transparently for equity without a messy corporate structure or cumbersome handle of signatures, payments and more.


Model different scenarios for the best outcome

Explore potential outcomes for different financing rounds and model out how your stakeholders' equity will be diluted. Nimity helps you make data driven decisions to optimize your startup's growth

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Increase liquidity through our secondary market

As your company grows and mature, founders may need to facilitate extra liquidity for their stakeholders. With Nimity you can enable a secondary market for your early backers or vested employees.

Why choose Nimity as your fundraising champion

Exclusive access

Connect to thousands of European VCs, angel investors, and more. Work with our team to secure the funding and partnerships essential for your success.

Extensive financing options

A wide range of funding solutions from consultancy to investor matching. Expert deal-structuring and execution, efficient corporate governance solutions.

Personalized support

Our team will support your funding journey from start to finish. Dedicated investment managers and customer success.

Simplified deal execution

We take the burden of preparing and administrating your syndicate of investors, wrapping up customers, partners and angels into one vehicle.

Start leveling up your equity

Join us today and take the first step towards unlocking your startup's full potential. Let us help you navigate the complexities of fundraising so you can focus on what you do best—growing your business.