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Frequently asked questions

Why do we need these valuations?

These specialized valuations serve as critical tools for assessing the worth of assets, particularly in the context of equity compensation and ESOPs, taxation, regulatory compliance, and financial reporting. They provide insights into the fair market value of shares, options, or other equity-based instruments, enabling companies and individuals to make informed decisions regarding compensation, taxation, and financial planning. And, in most cases, calculating taxes to be paid.

Why use special valuations instead of commercial ones?

409A, 83B, BSPCE, and HMRC valuations – let’s call them Special valuations, offer several advantages over generic commercial valuations. The main one is that by operating with a lower value of the company, taxes calculated based on this value and paid by companies or employees would be smaller. Employees would be able to receive shares through various incentive programs at lower prices, which benefits both the company and the employees.

However, as fiscal authorities do not allow the value of the company to be arbitrarily low, specific regulations make sure that the resulting value is a “fair” one, although the meaning of “fair” could be (and is) sometimes debated. In this context, these valuations are tailored to specific regulatory frameworks, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

How can I access this type of service through Nimity?

For Business package users, valuation services are available as an add-on at a discounted price compared to the base cost offered by our accredited partners. For Enterprise clients, all valuation services are included in the package. Regardless of your package, rest assured that we work with our partners to provide the best prices for the necessary valuations for all our clients.