Frequently asked questions

What is Nimity, and how does it help startups?

Nimity is a comprehensive equity management and financing platform designed specifically for early-stage European companies, their shareholders, and stock option plan owners. It simplifies cap table management, ESOP management, fundraising, shareholder communication, document management, and investor updates, helping startups to grow and thrive.

How does Nimity help with fundraising?

Nimity streamlines the fundraising process by helping you manage investor relations, share important updates, and track funding rounds in one central platform. Additionally, it provides access to angel clubs, private deal rooms, European-focused tech VCs, and crowd investing opportunities.

Can Nimity help with employee stock option plans (ESOPs)

Yes, Nimity simplifies ESOP management by allowing you to create grants, vesting schedules, and provide employees with a clear understanding of the value of their options. This helps to attract and retain top talent while keeping your existing employees motivated.

Can I use Nimity for shareholder communication?

Yes, Nimity enhances shareholder communication by allowing you to invite shareholders to view their stake or the entire cap table. This fosters trust and transparency, leading to stronger relationships and increased confidence in your startup's future.

How secure is Nimity?

Nimity takes data security seriously. We use industry-standard encryption and security protocols to ensure your sensitive information remains safe and secure. Read more about how we protect your data and privacy.

Is Nimity suitable for my startup's size and stage?

Nimity is designed for all European startups, scaleups and SMEs, making it an ideal solution for startups looking to simplify equity management and financing. As your startup grows, Nimity's features can be adapted to accommodate your changing needs.

How does Nimity differ from other cap table management solutions?

Nimity is designed with a European-first mindset, focusing on the unique challenges faced by startups in Europe. It offers a more personalized approach with features tailored to European regulations, tax structures, and access to European-focused tech VCs, angel clubs, and crowd investing opportunities.

Where did the Nimity name come from?

The name Nimity was derived from the word "equanimity," which is a quality of emotional stability and composure, particularly in times of high stress. This word perfectly represents the core values of the business, which is to provide a hassle-free equity management and financing infrastructure to companies and stakeholders across Europe, allowing them to easily own, manage, grow, and trade their equity with stability and composure. But why did we choose to shorten "equanimity" to "Nimity"? We wanted a name that was catchy, memorable, and easy to pronounce, and we felt that "Nimity" achieved all of those goals. We believe that the name Nimity will help to set us apart from our competitors and create a strong brand identity that investors and entrepreneurs will remember and trust. Overall, the name Nimity represents the qualities that are at the core of our business and our mission to help companies and stakeholders succeed with ease and stability.

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