Data protection

Data security and privacy elements are embedded in our platform from the start (privacy by design)

We designed all our systems around the concept that your data’s security and privacy is of the utmost importance. All Nimity features and process steps include data protection features according to the most stringent EU regulations, and sometimes even more than that.

The privacy of our users is ensured by default (privacy by default)

We will never send marketing communications to Nimity users unless they expressly choose to receive such communications by means of the opt-in mechanism found in the “User settings” section.

Privacy features
Role-based access control
Administrators decide which privileges are available for each role and assign roles to stakeholders, so that each user who has access to the company’s information enjoys precisely controlled privileges.
Support services based upon specific invite from the company’s administrator
Nimity does not have access to the data made available on the platform by the company’s administrator (including stakeholder data). Should the administrator require support, they must specifically invite someone from our support team to view/edit the information, always having the option to cancel such viewing/editing rights.
Passwords and authentication
Strong passwords policy. Nimity will never ask you for your password, so please do not disclose it to anyone.
EU-based platform
In principle, we keep your personal data in the European Union (“EU”). However, because, for example, some of our service providers are located in countries outside of the European Union (i.e., the United States of America), we transfer some of your data to these Third countries. We always make sure that the transfer is made in accordance with the applicable laws and that there are adequate guarantees (especially standard contractual clauses, as they have been issued by the European Commission) to guarantee a sufficient level of protection for the private lives and fundamental rights of individuals.  
Security features:

Nimity offers powerful security features as default features:

Encryption at rest and in transit
Secure development practices
Geo-distributed infrastructure
Strong backup procedures and policies
TLS 1.3 Encryption
SAML-based Single Sign-on (SSO) with Google and LinkedIn
Principle of least privilege enforced
Multi-factor authentication in place for privileged access

Privacy and Security in a fully transparent framework

Nimity ensures your company’s data and privacy are fully protected at all times. In order to better understand how we process your data, please read our Privacy Notice. If you have any security or privacy questions simply reach out to us at dpo [at], and we will gladly reply.

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