Our journey started in 2020, when we began funding companies through SeedBlink, as a co-investor of VCs and super angels. ...since then, hundreds of companies have relied on SeedBlink for financing readiness guidance, intros, fundraising, follow-ons and more.

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We also quickly realized that equity is the lifeblood of any successful business, and that managing it effectively is critical to achieving long-term success.  We combined our expertise and passion to guide you through every step of the equity incentive journey.

With Nimity, you can track your equity ownership, analyze cap tables, and make informed decisions – all in one place.

Our platform is designed to help founders, individual investors, and stock option plan owners (employees) manage their equity ownership with ease, in an easy-to-understand way.  

Join us in our mission to grow equity ownership and open the door to wealth creation for more people. We are building Europe's most knowledgeable shareholders community to inspire companies that drive the world forward.

“Equity ownership can be a powerful driver of wealth creation and economic empowerment. Ownership creates alignment, and when people have a stake in the success of their businesses, they are more motivated, more productive, and more innovative.”

Radu Georgescu
Chairman of SeedBlink's Board of Directors

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