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Be a business angel of SeedBlink! Join as an ambassador and help us build equity bridges between investors, founders, and employees. Program available until 31st March 2024!


What is NimityLink?

At SeedBlink we are on a mission to empower equity ownership in Europe! Join us in NimityLink, the space where our Ambassadors gather to build equity bridges between investors, founders, and employees. By embarking in the program you will activate your network to explore Nimity, SeedBlink’s newest equity management tool. By doing so you will be eligible to receive shares in our company, be an expert in our network and more.

Join our Mission

Who can join?


If you’re part of any of those categories, you are surrounded by networks of individuals and company founders who are interested in owning and managing equity. They should find out what Nimity can solve for them. Here’s who can benefit the most of the product’s capabilities, and you can share it with:

  • Companies’ Founders, CEOs, and General Counselors
  • Investors with Startups or Venture Capital Portfolios
  • Lawyers, Tax consultants, secretarial services providers

Whether you are connected through cap tables with other fellow investors, founders, or advisors, or you are part of the startup ecosystem as an evangelist, we'll value you equally for recommending Nimity.

Why join?

Be part of
something big
The mission to grow equity ownership in Europe is no easy task, but planting the seeds of this trust-based community is undoubtedly awe-inspiring.
Expand your
We believe that translating the cap table paper connections into a digital network will benefit all members by connecting them with like-minded investors or startup enthusiasts.
We value every promoter's time and strive to provide something valuable in return for spreading the word.It's not just about the shares we're offering but also about helping other investors and employees feel empowered by owning equity.

See the 'why' behind some of our ambassadors' decision to join

I've joined NimityLink because it aligns with both our mission and vision at Ventures'n'Law: building and contributing to compliance solutions for founders, managers and investors, so that there's a right solution for as many of them as possible.
Tudor Stanciu
Co-founder Ventures'n'Law & Technology Lawyer
Promoting equity ownership in Romania and Europe can boost local markets, spur innovation, and build a stronger, more inclusive economy, reducing regional disparities and fostering a more united, prosperous Europe.
Robert Cotună
Investment Manager Rubik Hub
I joined as a Nimity Ambassador because I believe it transforms how equity connects us in Europe. Nimity adds a valuable missing piece to the startup & investment puzzle, paving the way for a more streamlined collaboration in the equity space.
Georgiana Vintila
certified Leadership & Transformation Coach

Equity ownership is an ethical path to prosperity and an active investment in shaping the future of society and the economy, offering significant influence and impact.
David Achim
Executive Director Make IT in Oradea
Being a Nimity ambassador is a manifestation of my desire to contribute and to improve the ecosystem of entrepreneurs and investors in Romania, including by promoting tools useful for their businesses.
Cristina Lefter
Attorney at Law at LC Legal Proof

NimityLink Rewards

Join SeedBlink's network of experts by helping grow Nimity, and you'll also be eligible for shares and other benefits. Your referrals will also receive exclusive discounts and access to our equity ownership network. Communities with shared interests generates results faster.

Discover the rewards below:

Status reached: at least 5
referred users
All Tier 1 perks plus:
Access to NimityLink Circle and Experts’ Program
Additional 3 months of SeedBlink Club
0.5 SeedBlink shares
Note: those who miss top 70, but have the minimum requirements will receive a 6-month SeedBlink Club membership.
hide perks
(The best performing 70 ambassadors
to reach this milestone will receive
the title. Top 70 also includes those
who miss Top 11 from Tier 3)
Status reached: at
least 20 referred users
All Tier 1 perks plus:
Access to NimityLink Circle and Experts’ Program
Lifetime SeedBlink Club membership
Lifetime access to Nimity
3 SeedBlink shares
BONUS: The top performer will receive all the other perks from Tier 3 and a total of 10 shares
Note: Those who miss top 11 but meet the minimum requirement of 100 referred users will receive 0.5 SeedBlink shares, access to the NimityLink Circle channel, and lifetime access to Nimity and SeedBlink Club membership.
hide perks
(The best performing 11 Ambassadors
to reach the milestone will get this title)
Status reached: at
least 100 referred

Users are accounts created on Nimity with confirmed email addresses, which can include investors with an equity stake, company founders and collaborators, or employees invited through ESOP implementation.

Referred users will also enjoy free access to the educational program Tech Investors Academy, and receive a 30% discount for SeedBlink Club by the end of the program.

Activate your network
until 31st March, 2024!

Create your Nimity Account
Register with Nimity to start your journey and
support the equity ownership revolution in Europe.
Enroll in the ambassador program
Navigate to the NimityLink tab on the Nimity platform and click 'Enroll' to sign up for the Ambassadors program.
Use your personal referral link
Now, you can obtain your unique referral link and share it with founders, investors in private companies, or ESOP scheme participants.
Become a SeedBlink shareholder
As more referred users join Nimity through your recommendations, you'll become eligible for various perks and for becoming a part of SeedBlink's community as a shareholder.

Frequently asked questions

What is the value Nimity brings

Nimity empowers users to seamlessly track their equity ownership, analyze capitalization tables, and make informed financial decisions all within a singular, user-friendly platform. The platform is designed to assist founders, individual investors, and stock option plan owners, including employees, in managing their equity ownership in an accessible and comprehensible manner. Driven by the mission to expand equity ownership and pave the way for wealth creation among a broader population, the team behind Nimity is diligently constructing Europe's most informed shareholders community. Their aim is not only to inspire, but also to support companies that propel the world forward, thus nurturing a fertile ground where knowledge and financial empowerment mutually grow. Read more here.

What is SeedBlink’s mission

SeedBlink’s mission is to simplify and grow equity ownership in Europe by making it easier for tech-companies and their stakeholders to access, manage and trade equity. SeedBlink brings software, financial services and network coverage at each step of equity growth. Read more here.

What is the link between SeedBlink & Nimity?

SeedBlink launched Nimity, a product designed to simplify equity management for entrepreneurs and private investors. Nimity aims to optimize how European companies handle crucial aspects such as cap table tracking, investor governance and communication, ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) automation, and fundraising. Recognizing equity's pivotal role in successful businesses and wealth creation for investors, SeedBlink leveraged its expertise to develop Nimity as an extension of the existing financial services.

What qualifies as a referred user?

Referred users are defined as accounts created in Nimity with confirmed email addresses, and they can be either investors with an equity stake, founders, collaborators, or employees invited through ESOP implementation. Referred users must not be existing account holders on the Nimity Platform prior to the date of receipt of the referral invitation from the Ambassadors. They must follow the invitation link they received from the Ambassador and open an account on the Nimity Platform using a validated email account. Furthermore, they need to keep the account open until at least the end of the program. Read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

What is SeedBlink Club?

SeedBlink Club is a product designed by SeedBlink, that grants a series of exclusive benefits:

Access to industry network experts: Educational webinars and meetups hosted by respected names in the tech industry. Members get insights from the experts that guide their own portfolio strategy.

Access to private financing rounds: Members get invited to top-tier private financing rounds happening on SeedBlink which are not accessible to members outside the Club. Lower investment tickets: SeedBlink Club ticket allows members to invest only €1,000 per ticket versus the standard €2,500.

Early access to public financing rounds: Sometimes our most sought-after financing rounds get oversubscribed in under 30 minutes. Club members get early access to all financing rounds before all others.

You can dive deeper here.

What is NimityLink Circle and Experts’ Program?

What is NimityLink Circle and Experts’ Program?  
NimityLink Circle and the Experts’ Program are key pillars of SeedBlink's community engagement. Circle acts as a digital community platform, bridging investors and founders. It encourages the sharing of updates, insights, and provides valuable resources to nurture the ecosystem. This platform welcomes all members onboarded to SeedBlink. Read more here. On the other hand, NimityLink Circle is specifically crafted for qualified NimityLink Ambassadors. It grants them a collaborative environment, early access to Nimity features, and opportunities for exclusive interactions with the SeedBlink team. Furthermore, these Ambassadors will be invited to the Experts’ Program, where they will be able to apply their expertise to refine SeedBlink's products. As our Angel Investors, they will play a crucial role in our growth trajectory, steering numerous initiatives with their specialized insights.

What is Tech Investors Academy?

Tech Investors Academy, powered by SeedBlink, is a hybrid, annual learning program that is held in English only. The program is designed for all curious investors who want to enhance their venture capital knowledge. The program usually happens in the first half of the year, and you can read more about the latest edition here.

What does “Seedblink Club for life” prize imply?

“SeedBlink Club for life prize” grants winners access to the SeedBlink Club subscription and all its benefits at no cost, during the product life time.

What does “Nimity for life” prize imply?

Nimity solution is free until the end of 2023. Starting with 2024 different prices will apply depending on the subscription plan. Nimity Ambasadors will have free acces to Nimity features during the entire product lifetime.

What are the next steps if I am amongst the Ambassadors receiving shares?

If you are one of the Ambassadors selected for receiving SeedBlink shares, here's a step-by-step guide on how to proceed:  Firstly, you'll need to declare your intent to receive the shares. This should be done in writing as a reply to the notice SeedBlink will send. Make sure you do this within one month of receiving the notice from Seedblink.

The shares you will receive are C Ordinary shares. These shares do not come with voting rights and will be issued by Seedblink Holding.

In order to be granted the shares, you'll need to pay the nominal value of the share (this is not the market value of the shares), which is EUR 1 per share, directly to Seedblink Holding based on the instructions you receive in the notice from Seedblink.

If you are granted a fraction of a share, you'll pay for that specific fraction (e.g., if you are eligible for 0.5 Program Shares, you will pay EUR 0.50). The shares will be held by Seedblink Trust GmbH, a company based in Austria. They will hold these shares in your name and on your behalf. To facilitate this, you'll need to complete some documents as required by Seedblink, such as a trust agreement. It's important to note that Seedblink may choose not to grant your shares until you've provided all the necessary paperwork. Read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

When will the rewards be granted?

The Ambassadors and the users they bring will receive their rewards after the program ends on 31st of March, 2024. If they qualify for various rewards, they will be notified via email within one week after that date. Read our Terms & Conditions for more information.