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We empower angel investors, VCs, and other startup advocates to manage their startup portfolio better, through data.

Angel Investors

Nimity provides all the functionalities needed to help angel investors make better decisions by giving them access to the latest relevant data across their portfolio.

Venture Capital Funds

If you’re part of a VC group and are interested in using Nimity for your investment group, send us a message here so that we can help you onboard faster.


Effortlessly manage, monitor, and maximize your accelerator portfolio. Streamline decision-making, gain insights, and champion startups to success. Say hi to get started.

Get to finally know the value of your entire  portfolio without jumping through hoops.

By connecting with your companies on Nimity you get instant updates on any changes in the companies’ valuation, ownership percentage, new relevant documents or quarterly KPI updates

Assess the advancement of your startup portfolio and get complete visibility in just a couple of clicks.
Track changes and get notified on important updates in your portfolio.
Send and accept new connection request to keep your folio up to date.

Say goodbye to the document hunt.

Nimity's organized document repository stores all the relevant documents like pitch decks, financials and legal records, making them easy to find  whenever you may need them.

Have relevant documents shared with you.
Access any document, anywhere, at any time.
Stop wasting time looking for the right documents.

Track your investments' business performance from one single place.

We understand the challenge of staying connected with every company in your portfolio.
Nimity's KPI reporting will provide quarterly insights into the business aspects of the startup, empowering you to make informed decisions regarding your investments.

Get a detailed view of the business KPIs.
Measure the ‘Actuals’ against the ‘Plan’.
Dive deeper with insights on what went well, what didn’t go as planned, and what you could do to help.

Understand your equity and overall ownership

Nimity's data model makes it easy for you to understand your ownership in each of the companies you've have invested in or have received options in.

View and understand your ownership along with your equity rights.
See the entire cap table of the startups you've invested in, understand who you're investing along with.
Get detailed view of vesting schedules for options you are holding.

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