Simulate complex financing rounds on your cap table

Create simple or advanced scenarios involving changes to your cap table through new money investments, SAFEs or Convertible note conversions and option pools.
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How to simulate different
funding rounds on your cap table

Add Investments

Add new money from investors and see their resulting ownership or start from the desired ownership and see their required investment amount.

Add Option Pools

Create additional Option Pools for your most talented employees and understand the final ownership of your fully diluted shares.

Trigger Convertibles

See the number of shares and resulting ownership of SAFE & Convertible Notes holders after converting them in a possible round.

See Results

Understand how much each shareholder will be diluted after a new possible funding round, play with different variables and see the dilution effet highlighed.

See a short demo đź“ą of our
simulation tool

How can the Simulator tool
help me or my company?

Goal Setting

The simulator helps individuals set clear ownership goals, whether for founders seeking control or investors seeking a specific interest in a promising firm.


For entrepreneurs seeking investment or co-founders, this tool is invaluable for negotiation. It helps ensure that discussions with investors or potential partners are grounded in precise ownership percentages and funding needs.

Investment Decisions

Investors can use this calculator to evaluate the impact of different investment amounts on their ownership stake, assisting in decision-making and risk assessment.

Stakeholder Transparency
Simulations can be shared with current or prospective stakeholders. This can help you build confidence and ensure everyone receives the right number of shares at the right price, avoiding misunderstandings.

Go prepared

Before going to your next funding meeting, make sure you run the numbers on Nimity.