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Nimity’s AI-powered chatbot helps you navigate the platform and discover more about concepts related to cap table, ESOP management, and financing, all while making the world of equity management approachable.
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Does equity management seem hard to grasp?

You can now explore and get answers to your equity-related questions. ESOP, cap table management, and financing, EquiBot supports you in easily discovering the financial management world based on curated materials.

Curated and accurate information about equity management.
Step by step details regarding Nimity’s tools and features.
European coverage for ESOP knowledge.
Financing concepts explained to help you grasp the fundamentals.

Simplifying equity management

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Ask anything about equity management, ESOP details, cap tables, and more. EquiBot is here to clarify your queries.

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Apply the insights gained from EquiBot directly in Nimity. Empower your decision-making process with the right information.

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Initiate an in-depth conversation guided by technology that's always learning.

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EquitBot by Nimity is still in BETA, and we are constantly improving its knowledge and answers. While expanding its knowledge, we encourage users to send us feedback and address any answers that are not accurate or match reality. EquiBot by Nimity is designed to provide general information and knowledge on the subjects it covers. It does not, in any way, offer financial or legal advice. Users are encouraged to consult professional financial or legal advisors for guidance. Relying solely on EquiBot for financial decision-making is not recommended.