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If you're a founder, investor, or startup employee, you likely came across the term "cap table" at some point.

A capitalization table is a document that provides a detailed breakdown of a company's ownership structure. It lists common shares, preferred shares, and stock options granted to employees, executives, advisors, or other individuals as a part of their compensation, as well as warrants or convertible notes.

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How to use Nimity's Cap Table Template

Begin by filling out the form to download the cap table template provided by Nimity.
Open the downloaded document. Fill in the blanks with the nominal value, share classes, and your shareholders' names along with the number of shares they each possess.
View your final cap table, auto-populated using our formulas. Use these formulas to analyze and simulate potential future shifts in your cap table.

Build your cap table directly in Nimity

Nimity's free cap table template is a great starting point. But why stop there? Join Nimity and access a host of advanced features that help you easily manage your cap table. From real-time updates to scenario simulations, Nimity gives you the tools to take full control of your equity management.


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