Increase your employees engagement
with ESOP Design

Establish the foundation for future growth with the help of legal and tax experts

Begin your Employees Stock Options Plans journey on solid ground with our specialised legal and tax partners.

Tailoring your plan to comply with local regulations and your company’s specific needs, through ESOP Design we ensure that the legal structure is robust and ready for success.

This initial step provides the peace of mind that your ESOP is built correctly from the outset, laying a strong legal foundation for your company's future growth.
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Maximize tax benefits for your team

During implementation, our tax advisors play a crucial role, optimizing your ESOP for tax efficiency. This phase is critical for maximizing the benefits for both your company and its employees, ensuring that the ESOP not only meets regulatory approval but also aligns with the best tax practices.
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Move beyond traditional methods of managing your ESOP

Nimity digitizes and centralizes the administration of your plan, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and manual updates. Our platform offers a transparent, accessible space where employees can view their options and understand their benefits, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.
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How it works

Program kick off

We start with a free 30 minutes consultation call to outline together your company's needs and plans to better tailor the ESOP Design experience.

Legal & Tax Blueprint

We connect you with the ideal partner to design and manage all legal and tax components, ensuring your plan is both compliant and optimized.

Seamless Execution

The Nimity team provides hands-on support throughout the program, leading to the seamless establishment of your ESOP structure.

Centralized ESOP Management

Gain full access to your ESOP on Nimity, enhancing transparency and collaboration by bringing all stakeholders together in one integrated platform.

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