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All Things Equity

Hassle-Free Equity Management and Financing Infrastructure for European Companies and their Stakeholders.


All Things Equity

Equity Management and Financing Infrastructure for smart European Founders and their Stakeholders.

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The beat of equity

Nimity makes it easy for companies and their stakeholders to manage their equity from a single source of truth, designed to remove complexity, increase transparency and prepare them for their next financing and liquidity events.

Managing your equity should be easy

Issue shares and options, create vesting schedules, add financing rounds and new valuations and much more. Nimity offers a comprehensive toolbox that takes the complexity out of managing your equity.
Automated cap table updates
ESOP definition and management
Shareholder-friendly interface
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Get the right funding for your company's needs

Nimity connects you with a vast network of private and institutional investors, helping you secure the funding your startup needs to grow and thrive.
Angel clubs, VCs, private deal rooms and more
Streamlined investor relations
Create your own Syndicate
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EMPLOYEE Engagement

Show your employees what their stakes are worth

Founders need a platform that simplifies the process of creating and managing employee stock option plans (ESOPs). Nimity gets you going with compliant equity plans minimizing legal and financial risks.
Customizable and compliant ESOP plans
Transparent vesting schedules
Employee portal for easy access
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Hear from our community

More than 2,000 founders across 31+ countries are using Nimity for their stakeholder & equity management needs.

As a startup founder, I am happy to witness SeedBlink’s dedication to expand their support for early-stage companies beyond funding, towards a healthy equity management via Nimity.

A solution to help better navigate relations with stakeholders, employees and future investors is needed in Europe. Less admin work and bringing transparency to cap table are immediate benefits I was able to test.

Tudor Goicea
Co-founder of Aqurate

ESOP is very important for any company, big and small, to ensure all employees are engaged and share in the company's success. In a world where remote working is skyrocketing and employees have a wealth of options, what differentiates each opportunity is the product, vision, and team.

To maintain a loyal and motivated team, especially in this competitive landscape, one of the best ways is to include everyone in the ESOP journey. This approach, backed by companies like SeedBlink and initiated with one of their solutions, Nimity, is essential for building a dedicated and invested workforce in the modern business environment.

Vince Gaydarzhiev
Founder and President at

I commend SeedBlink for their initiative in spearheading the development of Nimity, and their dedication to empowering equity access and management for founders, investors, and employees. I am looking forward to witness the impact it will have on the CEE ecosystem.

Marius Istrate
President of TechAngels Romania

ESOP is important for the startup ecosystem, as it reinforces the notion that success is a team sport. Good companies are not ‘employers’ – they are a ‘mission’ for team members.

So if/when success comes, the benefits should be shared with the team. Just like at Telerik, where our ESOP helped many of us start new businesses, SeedBlink's approach with Nimity could spark a similar trend. It’s about turning a single success into a network of new ventures, expanding the startup ecosystem in exciting ways.

Svetozar Georgiev
Co-Founder at Telerik, Partner at Eleven Ventures

Our Mission

We are on a mission to grow equity ownership by simplifying access to, management of, and trading of equity.

Frequently asked questions

You can get quick answers to your equity-related questions: ESOP, cap table management, financing, investments, glossary, with the help of our chatbot, powered by AI, EquiBot. Or reach out to our team, we are happy to discuss how our products and services can help you & your team.

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What is Nimity, and how does it help startups?

Nimity is a comprehensive equity management and financing platform designed specifically for European companies, their shareholders, and stock option plan owners. It simplifies cap table management, ESOP administration, fundraising processes and investors access, shareholders communication, helping companies to grow and thrive their most important asset, their equity.

How does Nimity help with fundraising?

Nimity streamlines the fundraising process by helping you manage investor relations, share important updates, and track funding rounds in one central platform. Additionally, it provides you access to private deal rooms and a strong network of investors introductions: European-focused VCs, angel clubs and crowdfunding partners.

Can Nimity help with employee stock option plans (ESOPs)

Yes, Nimity simplifies ESOP management by allowing you to create grants, vesting schedules, and provide your employees with a clear understanding of the value of their options through secure personalised portals.

Can I use Nimity for shareholder communication?

Yes, Nimity enhances shareholder communication by allowing you to invite shareholders to view their stake or the entire cap table, have access to  documents and regular updates. This fosters trust and transparency, leading to stronger relationships and increased confidence in your startup's future.

How secure is Nimity?

Nimity takes data security seriously. We use industry-standard encryption and security protocols to ensure your sensitive information remains safe and secure. Read more about how we protect your data and privacy.

Is Nimity suitable for my startup's size and stage?

Nimity is designed for European companies of all stages, from startups to thriving mature organisations, making it an ideal solution for founders and executives looking to simplify equity management and financing. As your startup grows, Nimity's features accommodate to your changing needs.

How does Nimity differ from other cap table management solutions?

Nimity, is a product of SeedBlink and is designed with a European-first mindset, tailored to help companies navigate the continent fragmented regulations, tax structures, and access easier financing through a strong ecosystem of VCs, angel clubs, and crowdfunding platforms.

At SeedBlink, we have built the infrastructure to easily facilitate deal structuring, investors intros, option exercises, repurchases, secondary transactions and terminations. Our team strives to build the tools and services for all things equity.

Where did the Nimity name come from?

The name Nimity was derived from the word "equanimity," which is a quality of emotional stability and composure, particularly in times of high stress.
This word perfectly represents the core values of the business, which is to provide a hassle-free equity management and financing infrastructure to companies and stakeholders across Europe, allowing them to own, manage, grow, and trade their equity with ease and stability.

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