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Get the right funding for your startup

Nimity connects you with a vast network of private and institutional investors, helping you secure the funding your startup needs to grow and thrive.
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We help you with your most important task, funding.

Our platform partners offer a wide range of financing options, including angel clubs, private deal rooms, and crowdfunding opportunities, all designed to support your startup's unique needs.


Model different scenarios for the best outcome

Explore potential outcomes for different financing rounds and model out how your stakeholders' equity will be diluted. Nimity helps you make data driven decisions to optimize your startup's growth

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Increase liquidity through our secondary market

As startups grow and mature, founders may need to facilitate extra liquidity for their stakeholders. With Nimity you can enable a secondary market for your equity.

Why choose Nimity as your fundraising champion

Powerful investing partners

We co-invest together with the strongest European network of business angels and VCs.

Transparent and fast processes

Fast access to capital, deal-structuring, and easy management of your investors.

Ongoing dedicated support

Dedicated round manager and ongoing customer success manager.

End-to-end syndicate set-up

We take the burden of preparing and administrating your syndicate of investors.

Start leveling up your equity

Unlock the full potential of your company's equity with Nimity
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