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Control what you promise, show what they’re promised

Nimity is a solution for startup founders to simplify stock options for employees, increase retention, and boost employee engagement.

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Why manage equity compensation in Nimity?

Create stock options plans with automatic vesting for your employees. All types of agreements can now be transparently managed in only one platform.

Increase employee retention and engagement.
Create trust and a shared mission with your whole team.
Centralize all related employee documentation.
Data control and privacy at any point in time.

Tangible promises for employees

Companies and employees can work on building a single source of truth for equity compensation. Nimity provides the tool to elevate any offer from a simple 'promise' to an 'equity pact.'

Private personalized views for each employee.
Increase the trust of key team players.
Automated vesting schedules.
Better engagement on company goals

How to easily create your ESOP

Sign up for free account

Create a Nimity account: quick, secure and private.

Fill in data about your company

2-minute process to add the essential details about your company and ownership stakes. All is kept private!

Define ownership stakes

Allocate ownership percentages to your team and define details such as time duration, vesting, cliff.

Invite your team and the employees

Play with it, and after you are ready, share it with your employees or collaborators so each can see their promise, stocks, and vesting.

Build and manage your ESOP effortlessly on Nimity. Make promises tangible.

Empower your team with clear, transparent insights intotheir equity value.

Create your ESOP

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Join thousand of European companies and their stakeholders in managing their equity through Nimity's platform.

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