Adding your valuation

Before inviting your stakeholders to view their stake in your cap table, make sure to add your company’s valuation. 

Do so by clicking on Add new event from either the Cap table or Transaction page.

You will be prompted to fill in the following fields:

  • Valuation name - Name of event such as: Series A, Equidam valuation, etc.
  • Valuation date: when the valuation event took place (only dates from the past can be selected)
  • Valuation type - financing round / external valuation / internal valuation
  • Price per share: the price per share that was reached during this valuation event - will be used for calculating your post money valuation
  • Post money valuation   (auto-calculated) = (Number of issued shares up to date + Option pool shares up to date) * Price per share

Valuation type

  • Financing round - if the valuation was reached during a financing round
  • External formal valuation - if your valuation has been done by a formal 3rd party, such as Equidam
  • Internal formalvaluation - if performed internally by finance proficient members of your team
  • Other - you get to say how your Valuation came to be

Click save and your company’s valuation will be updated and a record will also be added in your transaction history. 


  • stakeholders that accept your invitation, will also be able to view the latest share price of your company based on the latest valuation event added. 
  • the Transaction page will prompt you to add valuations on days when you issued shares (and will automatically calculate the share price based on issued shares in that day)
  • as with any other transactions, you will be able to edit/delete them from the Transactions page
  • only 1 valuation can be added in a single day
  • if you've made a mistake while adding a valuation, you can edit it by clicking on the Edit icon next to faulty the valuation transaction from your Transaction page

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