Adding your first shareholders

After creating a company, you will be prompted to add your company's shareholders (founders, investors) together with their relevant data.
In this screen you can either recreate the full history of your cap table or just add its latest snapshot.
⚠️ Regardless of your choice, keep in mind that you will be able to add changes to your cap table later on.

Continue as desired by filling in the following fields:

  • Shareholder name - Name of shareholder must be unique. If there are 2 shareholders that have the same name, make sure to differentiate them with an extra character.
  • Amount of shares - Number of shares the shareholder received at that date in time
  • Investment made - Sum of money shareholder invested for the received amount of shares. Can be 0 for founders. Will be recorded in the company currency.
  • Type of shares owned - The share class the shareholder received at that date in time. Can be common/preferred/custom
  • Date of share issuance - The date at which the shareholder received the shares.


  • use the import feature to mass populate the table by importing a templated .csv / .xls file
  • in case you have created option pools (ESOPs) or issued convertibles you will be able to add them in the following screens
  • you will be able to add more details to your shareholder later on (such as type: institution / person, contact details, etc.)

Once you have finished adding your shareholders along with their relevant investment data click on "SAVE" and Nimity will generate your cap table in the following screen, and main dashboard of your company:

I've made a mistake

In the eventuality you’ve made a mistake, simply go to Captable > Transactions, find the mistake in the transaction list and click the edit icon next to it. Saving your changes here will update your cap table. 

I want to add another shareholder

In case you want to add another record on your cap table, such as a convertible note, an option pool, or a new shareholder, etc. simply click on Add new event on the Cap table or Transaction screen and select the event you want to add. Read more about transactions on Nimity. 

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