Adding a grant

After you have added your first option pool, you can then start issuing grants to reward and incentivize your employees

To create a grant, you just need to:

  1. Go to your Option Pools screen ( Cap table > Option Pools)
  2. Click the Create a grant button

Once you've done so, the following screen will appear:

  • Beneficiary - Select your employee/beneficiary from the list of stakeholders (you can also create a new stakeholder to be awarded the grant directly from here)
  • Grant from - Select from which Option Pool you'd like to grant the beneficiary his/hers options
  • Grant amount - The total number of Options to be granted to the beneficiary
  • Grant date - The starting date of the Grant contract


  • Strike price -the price the beneficiary can pay for an Option exercise his/her right to turn that Option into a share
  • Vesting type - can be either Time based (and a vesting schedule must be selected) or Immediately vest (this means the options will be immediately vested to the beneficiary, without requiring time to have passed)


  • Duration - the total amount of time expressed in months after which the beneficiary will have vested his/her total amount of Options
  • Vest every - The frequency at which a portion of the equity grant becomes available for the beneficiary to exercise (if 1 MONTH selected, that means every month an amount of Options will vest).
  • Rounding - up / down - since options are 1:1 shares, and there can’t be a fractional amount of shares, neither can options. So in case a natural number of shares can’t be issued each month, you need to take a decision whether you should round up or down when doing this calculation (it’s better for your employee if you choose to round up, since s/he will get more options up front)
  • Cliff - A cliff period is a duration at the beginning of an employee's vesting schedule during which they do not receive any equity. After the cliff period ends, the employee is eligible to receive a portion of their equity grant.
  • Exercise period - The period of time during which an employee can exercise their vested options. Once the exercise period expires, the option can no longer be exercised.
  • Accelerated vesting - Toggle ON to allow employees to gain full ownership of equity compensation earlier than scheduled in case of a specific event like a merger, acquisition or retirement.

After creating a grant to one of your employees, the following table will appear on your Option Pools screen

Grants table

  • Option holder - shareholder/employee who owns the grant
  • Pool name - from which option pool the options to be awarded to the option holder come from
  • Grant # - number of the grant the shareholder received
  • Date - Date when the option contract starts
  • Vesting schedule - ex 24/1/6 - 24 - total duration / 1 - vesting period (every 1 month) / 6 - cliff period (6 month cliff)
  • Granted - total options to be awarded by the grant
  • Vested - Number of Options that have vested till today based on the vesting schedule
  • Outstanding -Gives you the number of Options that are still held as Grants (Outstanding = granted - exercised - terminated - expired)
  • Exercisable - Number of Options that are still left to be exercised (auto calculated: Exercisable = Vested - exercised - settled - terminated - expired
  • Exercised -sum of grants exercised
 by beneficiary
  • Settled  - sum of beneficiary's grants settled in cash
 and not shares if any
  • Terminated  - sum of beneficiary's terminated grants if any
  • Expired (auto calculated) based on expiration period of grant (defined when creating the grant)


  • After issuing a grant to your employee, s/he will be able to view it from their dashboard and have a better understanding of the value of their options and when they will vest

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